Install Guide

Installation Overview

Installing MailScanner is as easy as downloading an installation package, extracting the contents, and running the included with root privileges. Depending on which operating system specific package you select, you will be presented with different installation options that have been tailored to that operating system.

Operating Systems

Most any Linux or Unix based operating system will work with MailScanner. However, the most common and easily supported operating systems that have specific packages and testing are listed to your right.

Getting Started

For server level systems such as email gateways, which is what MailScanner is, you really should not install a GUI with your operating system unless it is specifically designed for use with MailScanner such as Mailborder or Baruwa. In short, if MailScanner does not need something to function, then you should not install it.

An internet connection and root level privileges are required on the server on which MailScanner is being installed. Ensure that the system's package management feature is working before attempting to install MailScanner as these are used by the installation scripts to install the required software. (Examples: Yum, Apt, Zypper)

Process Logic

Each installation script will check for basic requirements to MailScanner to operate and then attempt to install any missing components via your server's package management system. You will also have the option to remediate missing Perl modules automatically via CPAN. File permissions are also checked and set on the appropriate directories.

Post Installation

Once you have completed the installation of MailScanner, you will need to edit the configuration files. The primary files you need to pay attention to are:



You should review the entire files even though they are rather large. It will point you to other configuration files you should also review in the /etc/MailScanner directory.


Common OS's

- Red Hat / CentOS [6,7]
- Debian [6,7,8]
- Ubuntu LTS [12,14,16]
- SuSE [13]
- FreeBSD [10]

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